Initial page

Welcome on this page, you can find here some useful tutorials and useful information about our scripts.


I appreciate any donation. They are motivation for me to do more and more free scripts. If you wanna support my work, feel free to look here:



You can purschase our scripts on Tebex store. After purschasing the script in order to claim it you must join our Discord server and create a purschase ticket. Then you will receive your script and licenses.

We are proving source code for all of our scripts!

Terms Of Service

  • Any associtation with leaks (using/propagating/distributing/beeing staff on leaking Discord)

  • Any unauthorized use of any of our script (sharing licenses ...)

  • Selling/Claiming our scripts as yours

If you are found of any of those above, your all licenses will be revoked, you will not have access to your scripts. You will be banned from our Discord server. You will be reported to "Stop The Resellers (STR)" service with all the proofs. Just be honest and you do not need to worry about anything 😉.


I can proudly say that all of our work is fully tested, all features are being tested on live server with more than 100 players active. Also the scripts are wery optimized - client & server, they won't kill client or the server performance. Our scripts use only 0.01 - 0.02 ms (depends on how many jobs you have configured)